Boston Street Advisors is a corporate financial advisory services firm who advises clients on all aspects of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and private debt and equity financing for growth or acquisitions. We focus on the challenges facing emerging companies: developing an achievable business plan, building an organization, financing growth and implementing infrastructure and controls. The firm works closely with clients in successfully executing complex financing transactions, including private placements and mergers and acquisitions. Boston Street Advisors also provides experienced executives to assist during the critical phases of business growth, or during searches for permanent staff. Our close personal involvement in all assignments provide a superior level of quality and service to our clients.

As companies grow, they typically advance through predictable phases, each having its own unique set of challenges. Management is often overwhelmed by rapid changes in the organization, and unless they can foresee and plan for them, the growing pains can threaten the health and even the survival of the firm.

Boston Street Advisors can help identify:

  1. The classic growth phase through which most companies pass
  2. The problems that typically arise at those stages
  3. How organizational structures need to change
  4. What new people and skills must be brought to the venture
  5. How the "corporate culture" should change
  6. How the financial management needs to adapt to the growing company
  7. How to plan for growth so that a company can control its growth, not visa versa

We can assist in all facets of the strategic and operational financial process by working with you in developing each step of our model for success.

We believe today's successful businesses are concerned with growing and operating at the highest rate of return but under controlled management. We want to help define and build your vision through strengthening your strategic thinking.

Improving return on investment through tighter financial controls is an elusive goal for many firms yet most variables are under management's control. Strategic financial analysis can be employed to benchmark performance against industry norms, diagnose weaknesses,and identify opportunities, helping you to stay ahead of the competition.